SaveTheCity action game


Welcome to an Island Paradise 

This Island paradise is in a remote part of the world and has all the amenities that a traveler would want. Except for a swift fire department.

One day the volcano gets hot and starts bursting forth with lava and fireballs, the city is in a panic, there is no local fire department to fight the fire and save the city, guys in the area are really too far and will not be able to make it. You are the only hope to stop the fire balls from hitting the city and causing destruction.

Grab that water gun and shoot out every lava ball in sight! You are not alone though, there are many power ups that will help you protect the city and tackle the lava balls before they do any real damage to the city. There are 3 extra water guns to help you get the job done of putting out these blazes. There is the Wacky Gun, 3 Shot Cannon, and the 5 Shot Cannon. Don’t forget the Orca, a huge intelligent creature spouting sea water on the fires. See what works best for you.

Rain – It’s Mother Natures way of handling things. If your in deep trouble, fire is blazing everywhere, tap on the rain button and it will extinguish everything.

Dog – Excellent animal, always willing to save human life as much as he can. Tap this button and see how funny it is for the dog to put out the fire.

Fire Extinguisher – Very common way to take out fires in selected spots. Choose this button and fire extinguisher will appear on the screen. Just put your finger on it and move it around to the desired location.

Cargo Airplane – This power up is a dream come true. Cargo Airplane will put out all fires at once!

Hydrant – Safety precautions are always important, so fire hydrants are located throughout the city; you can supply water to them and stop fires in nearby areas.

Speed Boat – This boat has been retro-fitted with a powerful water cannon. It can save the day if selected.

Save the city is a fun and addicting game. It features three separate screens for each neighborhood of the city; you need to navigate between screens by using slide gesture. When the volcano emits fireballs you need to shoot them down with your water gun, if you miss the fireball there is a chance it will hit buildings, trees or cars and they may catch on fire. Most objects can withstand a few hits but if you miss too many fireballs your buildings will catch on fire and eventually will burn down. Once a building goes down to ashes there is no way to restore it however if you see building on fire you can use a power up to stop fire and smoke. Your goal is to withstand the volcano explosion, the fireballs will not shoot out for long, eventually the volcano will flow down to the ocean front; so be attentive and try not to miss any fireballs and remember there are 3 screens to the game so rotate your head around.