About Us


Atomic Fun Shak, LLC and our non profit arm Smart Family LLC are proud to announce the Smart Family Alliance and the birth of the “Mommy In Me” program to help serve Indianapolis youth living at or below the poverty line. “Mommy in Me” will launch in the Indianapolis Public School system in the 1st quarter of the 2017-18 academic school year. We will provide 25 children from four select schools with a self-empowerment program that combines, etiquette, personal hygiene and clothes.
The program, for children ages 10-15 is designed to promote healthy life styles and promote positive self image. Each student will be enrolled in the Smart Academy. The Smart Academy prepares students for life after high school by teaching them job skills in four (4) core areas: Software Development, Cosmetology, Machine Shop, and Allied Health.
Each session will only last 1 day but will have 4 week “live drop ins” to make sure the healthy lifestyle is being followed. Each student receives a “bettermebag” made up of dental products, personal hygiene items, clothes, snacks, hair care products and undergarments.
You might ask what makes us different? The Smart Family Alliance is in the process of creating manufacture and distributing the most life-like international soccer game ever to be created. The Kicker…. The STUDENTS will be involved in every aspect of the game development life cycle! Proceeds from the sale of the game will support the “Mommy In Me” program by purchasing housing for low-income families, purchasing health care products to support healthy living and provide scholarships to send the kids to college.
It will never be about the game, only providing a level playing field to give the least advantaged a chance to compete.
We are in the process of seeking funding for this project…If interested in making a tax-deductible donation please contact AtomicFunShak CEO Malik Aziz @ atomicfunshakllc@outlook.com or call 317-747-0371


Apple App Store and Google Play is where you will find us. Welcome, welcome and welcome. We have SpeakIt Spanish and SpeakIt Russian on Google Play. Both of these language/translate apps are dual/2 way apps. Learn English and Spanish or learn English and Russian; you can’t fail. The best 2 way language apps on the market!

We now have Orb Trek , Orb Trek Assault on the market as well as SavetheCity action game. All games are loads of fun. Orb Trek you test your patience and reflexes to see if you have what it takes to free the Princess and her friends ( Emoji, animals, gems and the blue dragon ). Orb Trek Assault ads the dimension of a spinning orb across the screen clockwise and ccw. Orb Trek and Orb Trek Assault have been combined into Orb Trek 2 in 1.

SaveTheCity action game; You have to save the city from burning down from the many lava balls raining down on the city. This is done by shooting a water canon which also has been retro fitted with other options to extinguish the fire and bring it under control.

Currently working on Mantis, Friendly Insults and a top secret game to be announced later.